Sunday, February 6, 2011


Superbowl Sunday!!!

 Printed some cute little flags out to top our cupcakes:)

My siblings and I did not grow up watching sports on tv. I don't think any of them had ever really watched football until they came to our house for the weekend.

The girls decided which team they wanted to cheer for based on how cute the quarterback was and Green Bay won. #12! Oh yeah! It helps that he is a Nor Cal boy and is also a Christian;)

We pulled out the craft paint and had a little fun:)

Here is Brooklyn all painted and ready to cheer!

Mean muggin' with her Funcle(Fun + Uncle) Johnny.

 Grrrrr! Game faces ON!

Jacob did the majority of he is painting Patricia.

Me and my boy with our paint on. He laughed so hard when I showed him what he looked like!


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